Institute for International Credentials Evaluation

at California State University, Fresno

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Credentials Evaluation Application

Please be advised that office hours are very limited and we require that you make an appointment prior to your visit.

The Institute of International Credentials Evaluation (IICE) at California State University, Fresno provides statements of U.S. educational equivalency of foreign educated persons who need such statements for educational, employment, immigration and other purposes. The Institute does not evaluate medical degrees. The Institute is an after-hours community service of the International Student Services and Programs office of the University.

We complete reports in the order they are received. We may need to request additional information from you. We may need to do research that might add to the time it takes to complete the evaluation. The Institute is closed for holidays between Christmas and New Year's Day, the week prior to Easter and generally two weeks in July.

It is important that you provide complete and accurate information to us and carefully follow directions. If the Institute is unable to perform an evaluation, we will return your documents and your payment less a processing fee. There are certain times when priority handling is unavailable. Please check with IICE if you need three or five-day priority processing. Priority handling does not include mailing times, weekends or holidays.

Our evaluations are advisory and are not binding on the receiving institution. IICE evaluations are not used for admission or transcript credit evaluation purposes for undergraduate or graduate admission at California State University, Fresno. If you are planning to attend classes at California State University, Fresno, please complete the admission application process, and an evaluation will automatically be done as part of the admission process; you will not need an IICE evaluation. However, if you are applying for a teacher credential program at the University, you will need to complete applications for both IICE and the admission's office. The credential analyst needs the IICE report for teaching credential purposes.


  • Please enclose a U.S. or international money order or cashier's check for the proper amount payable to the Institute for International Credentials Evaluation.
  • ALL SEALED, ORIGINAL EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED DIRECTLY FROM THE SCHOOL. This includes transcripts, diplomas, mark sheets, certificates, etc, that list the courses taken, the grades/marks achieved in each course, the amount of time spent in each course (e.g. three hours a day for 16 weeks), and proof of completion (diploma and/or certificate). For detailed evaluations, IICE requires not only the diploma but also the transcript or mark sheets. All original documents will be returned to you.
  • Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by official, certified, literal English translation. A literal translation is a word-for-word translation. Translations that are paraphrased versions (interpretive) of the original document will not be accepted. If the issuing institution did not translate the document into English, a signed statement must accompany the translation giving the qualifications of the translator. IICE requests that the translation be done in the same format as the original document and that no words or symbols appearing on the original be left off the translation.
  • The attached Educational Summary sheet must be completed. Please explain any gaps in your education. Do not, for any reason, leave off any school that you attended.
  • If your name does not match the name on your credential, you must submit official proof of name change.
  • You must read the Disclaimer and Conditions section and sign the bottom of that page.
  • Please make photocopies of everything you send to us for your own records.

Certified Translation Services

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